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CASTAR is the result of the collaboration between Antoine Vermeesch, senior post supervisor, and Manon Martin, senior VFX compositor.

Not a standard post-production company. 

Being a small company, we love to work alongside with directors, producers and artists. Our policy is to collaborate as closely as possible with you and creating teams adapted to your needs, whether with freelances or by subcontracting to other Belgian or foreign companies.

CASTAR has a strong relationship with some of Belgian’s leading creative talents in the form of colorists, VFX artists and post-production companies who work closely with our team to ensure each project reaches its full potential. We find the right fit for your video production and budget. 

We can of course oversee the post-production and handle VFX but also do ourselves most of the Digital lab processes. You can reach us for films, series, documentaries, video clips and especially projects off the beaten track. We have  a passion for cinematic storytelling, stunning visuals and always strive for high end products. 

who we are

the Team


Antoine Vermeesch

Post production suppervisor.


Manon Martin

VFX compositor.

Working in the industry since 2010, Manon made her first steps on feature films and commercial at Caviar Brussels. She multiplied the experience by working also with Benuts and more recently with Umedia VFX or Walking the dog.
She is experienced as Nuke Compositor, but also as a lead for teams or even as VFX supervisor.

Frank Van Passel
“On several projects of mine, Antoine's know-how has made all the difference in squeezing the maximum out of the minimum both creatively and financially.”

Frank Van Passel | Director - Producer

Andreas Rocksén
”Antoine Vermeesch is the most professional and well organized
post-production supervisor we have ever worked with.”

Andreas Rocksén | Laika Film Sweden

Nikolas D’andrade
“I had the pleasure to work with Manon and Antoine for several years. It was a very enriching experience from a human, technical and artistic point of view. The pragmatic side of the production that Antoine mastered and the technical / artistic eye of Manon Is a successful combination.”

Nikolas D’andrade | VFX Supervisor RODEO Montreal

Mary Mc Guckian

“Antoine worked with PEMBRIDGE on A Girl from Mogadishu. From the analyse of the script, following the shoot all the way through to delivery, as a director I felt in very safe hands. The work was efficient, cost effective and there were never any surprises.”

Mary Mc Guckian | Director - Producer PEMBRIDGE PICTURES UK

Kadir Ferati Balci

“Antoine is a great person to work with. He tries to fully understand what your vision is and always works constructively for a solution with the idea to take the project to a higher level.”

Kadir Ferati Balci | Director

Stijn Van Der Veken
“On 'The Emperor of Taste’ my images were in good hands!"

Stijn Van Der Veken | Cinematographer ASC,SBC

Damien Chemin
“On many different projects I’ve enjoyed Antoine's great creative input and his excellent overview of the whole process which enables him to foresee all technical issues and follow them up until the very last detail. He is a perfect partner in pre and post-production.

Damien Chemin | Director

Jan Vancaillie
“I worked with Antoine for many years when he was still working for Roses are Blue and Caviar. The entire communication, preparation and testing for the VFX was always done with the greatest precision. The final results were always top of the bill !”

Jan Vancaillie | Cinematographer

Tom Willems
“Manon and Antoine are a rare combination of service, insight, creativity and craft in postproduction. With them being part of several of projects we worked together I was always assured that the post production pipeline was impeccable.”

Tom Willems | creative director aka de mensen

Hilde Van Mieghem
“Antoine supervised the postproduction for a few movies I made (Smoorverliefd, Dennis Van Rita…) and I was so happy with them. They are hardworking, sensitive people who feel what a director needs. Working with them was a privilege! Don’t hesitate if you get the chance!”

Hilde Van Mieghem | Director

Remco Mastwijk
“I have been collaborating with Antoine Vermeesch on a regular basis for over 10 years as supplier and colleague. Antoine is a passionate post producer who is always looking for efficient solutions with the highest quality as a starting point. His cheerful and positive attitude makes it a pleasure to work with him.”

Remco Mastwijk | Managing Director Filmmore

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